AAA 80th Ann. Festival

July 11-15, 2018
Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites
625 First Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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Carrozza Scholarship Dinner

Next event to be announced soon.

Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition

The Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition applications are now online on the Bennett Competition Events Page.

AAA Newsletter

Previous AAA Newsletters are now online under NEWS.


Winter is on its way . . . and I can tell you that in Connecticut Summer and Fall have not been too pleasant.  Dramatic weather has continuously bombarded the United States with natural disasters . . . and a few man-made ones too!  Tough times for everyone . . . and then, there’s the accordion gatherings!  Fun for all ages.  I hope you have had the opportunity to join us in the past months, and we look forward to great times together coming up.
Our website constantly changes – a task that cannot be minimized – it’s a lot of work!  A special “Thank You” to Kevin Friedrich, who is our webmaster.  He has done a great job with design and content, and we so appreciate his efforts on our behalf – and YOURS. 
Be sure to keep Kevin up-to-date on things that are happening musically in your part of our great country.  We want to know ALL the details.  You can have your events featured in the AAA bi-monthly Newsletter simply by sending your article to Kevin at goaccordion@yahoo.com.  Winter is usually a quiet, relaxing time for musicians.  Spring will start up again with multiple weekend activities around the states, featuring Festivals and Concerts everywhere.  Help us get you a bigger audience by getting your information to us in a timely manner, so everyone will know about it.  Just remember, articles need to be in way before their actual date - articles that are past their date can’t help you bring people to them!
Congratulations to the winners of the Carmen Carrozza Memorial Competition this past July.  Your contributions to the Carmen Carrozza Memorial Fundraising Event last April were an important part of the $7,500 presented in awards to these young, up-and-coming artists.  Open Division 1st place was awarded to Emmanuel Gasser (Canada - $3,000), 2nd place to Stanislav Culcichovschi (Moldava - $1,500) and 3rd place to Nathan Chapeton (Connecticut - $750).  The Junior Division 1st place was awarded to Cody McSherry (Pennsylvania - $1,500) and 2nd place to Joseph Klettner (New York - $750).  We need everyone to hear their great artistry and talent, so if you are a member of a club or local association, please think about inviting one of these young people to perform at one of your events.  Help us reach the youth of America and show them how great the accordion really is!  See the photos on the Carrozza Scholarship page!  Check out our YouTube Channel too.  Videos of some of the performances will be available soon.
And a hearty congratulations to the winners of the Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition as well.  The compositions submitted were outstanding, and the judges had a difficult time selecting the winners this year.  Open Division 1st place was awarded to Emmanuel Gasser (Canada - $500), 2nd place to Massimo DeLillo (Italy) and 3rd place to Joseph Ciccone (New York).  The Junior Division 1st place was awarded to Nathan Chapeton (Connecticut - $250), 2nd place to Joseph Klettner (New York), and 3rd place to Anton Klettner (New York).  Check out the photos on this website, and the AAA YouTube Channel – some of the performances will be available soon as well.
Of course, Festival 2018 is in the works – July 11-15, 2018 at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Alexandria, Virginia.  Along with our usual concert, competition and workshop activities, a Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Louis Coppola, the AAA’s very first representative to the Coupe Mondiale (World Accordion Championships).  Joan Sommers will conduct the Festival Orchestra, The Bob Vitale Youth Involvement Program will feature accordionists and other instrumentalists from the region, and the Junior Orchestra will perform as part of the event.  Guest Artists will include Joseph Natoli (presenting a World Premiere Performance of his new AAA commissioned work), Stas Venglevski with Tatyana Krasnobaeva, Mary Tokarski, The Trifillo Trio, and even the United States Air Force Strolling Strings will grace the event for our Gala Banquet.
The Master Classes and Seminars moderated by Dr. William Schimmel will be in their 24th year for 2018!  Space is limited at the Tenri Cultural Institute, so be sure to make your reservations early for “Inside The Box” themed event.  See Bill’s report on the Annual Master Class page.
Help us plan the future of the accordion by continuing to bring your thoughts and ideas to us. Included on the newly updated website is an overview of the annual AAA Open Meeting and Farewell Breakfast held on Sunday, July 16th as a great send off after the Festival completed, including some of the thoughts and new ideas presented by YOU . . . our treasured members! 
See you soon!