Music Commissions

The table below includes all original works commissioned by the AAA since 1957, when the first composition, “Prelude and Dance, Op. 69” by Paul Creston was completed. The commissions are listed in alphabetical order by composer. Click here to read a short history of the Composers’ Commissioning Committee.

Last, First name
Music Title (year) Publisher
Adler, Samuel Canto XVIII (2009) Ludwig Masters
Baksa, Robert Accordion Sonata (1998) Theodore Presser
Bennett, Robert Russell Four Nocturnes (1960) Chappell & Co.
Bennett, Robert Russell Quintet (Psychiatry), for Accordion and String Quartet (ca. 1963) Chappell & Co.
Biviano, Joseph Quintet in G, for Accordion and String Quartet (ca. 1986) (Rental Only)
Brant, Henry Sky Forest, for Four Accordions (1962) O. Pagani & Bro.
Brickman, Joel Prelude and Caprice (1973) Pietro Deiro Publications
Cowell, Henry Concerto Brevis, for Accordion and Orchestra (1962) Pietro Deiro Publications
Cowell, Henry Iridescent Rondo (1960) Pietro Deiro Publications
Creston, Paul Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra or Band (1960) Ricordi Music/reprint by Ernest Deffner Music
Creston, Paul Embryo Suite (1968) Pietro Deiro Publications
Creston, Paul Fantasy for Accordion and Orchestra, or as solo (1966) Mills Publishing Co.
Creston, Paul Prelude and Dance (1957) Pietro Deiro Publications
Davidson, Roger Tango Blues, for Flute, Viola, Cello, & Accordion (2010) Ernest Deffner Music
Diamond, David Night Music, for Accordion and String Quartet (1966) Southern Music
Diamond, David Introduction & Dance (1967) Southern Music
Diamond, David Sonatina (1966) Southern Music
Flagello, Nicholas Introduction and Scherzo (1964) Pietro Deiro Publications
Foss, Lukas Curriculum Vitae (1978) Pembroke
Foss, Lukas Triologue, for Violin, Cello, and Accordion (ca. 2003) No publisher
Franceschina, John Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra (1987) Ernest Deffner Music
Franceschina, John For Elsie (2004) No publisher
Franceschina, John Scaramouche (1975) Pietro Deiro Publications
Fremar, Karen Introduction & Allegro, for Accordion and Synthesized Tape (1976) Ernest Deffner Music
Fremar, Karen Herrick’s Road, for Accordion and Percussion (2009) Ernest Deffner Music
Friedman, Gary William Accordion Samba, for Vocalist, Bassoon, Cello and Accordion (1997) 150 Music
Gordon, Louis Aria, Scherzo and Finale, for Accordion and Orchestra or Band (1962) Pietro Deiro Publications
Halac, Jose Accordion Shadow for Accordion, Flute and Percussion (n.d., 1993) Ernest Deffner Music
Katehis, George Become/Desiccated (2017)
Kleinsinger, George Prelude and Sarabande (1963) Pietro Deiro Publications
Klucevsek, Guy Three Tributes (2016)
Krenek, Ernst Toccata (1964) O. Pagani & Bro.
Lockwood, Normand Sonata Fantasia (1965) O. Pagani & Bro.
Luening, Otto Rondo (1961) Pietro Deiro Publications
McMahan, Robert Young Apparitions, for Flute (alt. Piccolo) and Accordion (1996) Ernest Deffner Music
McMahan, Robert Young Incantations, for Cello and Accordion (1995) Ernest Deffner Music
Natoli, Joseph Sonata in F Major (in the Classical Style) (2018) JANPress
Oliveros, Pauline Shape Shifting (1965) Ernest Deffner Music
Pisk, Paul Adagio & Rondo Concertante, for Two Accordions & Orchestra (1962) Alfred Music Co., Inc.
Pisk, Paul Salute to Juan (1961) Alfred Music Co., Inc.
Riegger, Wallingford Cooper Square (1958) Pietro Deiro Publications
Schimmel, William Fables (1975) Ernest Deffner Music
Schimmel, William Remembering a Legend; Charles Magnante (1987) Ernest Deffner Music
Schimmel, William The Spring Street Ritual (1979) Ernest Deffner Music
Schimmel, William Variations in Search of a Theme (1976) Ernest Deffner Music
Seigmeister, Elie Improvisation, Ballad and Dance (1962) Sam Fox Publications
Serebrier, Jose Danza Ritual (1967) O. Pagani & Bro.
Serebrier, Jose Passacaglia and Perpetum Mobile, for Accordion, Strings, Brass and Percussion (1974) Peer International Publications
Soldier, Dave Sontag in Sarajevo, for Accordion, Melody, Chordal, Bass Instruments and Drums (1993) Ernest Deffner Music
Still, William Grant Aria (1960) Sam Fox Publications
Still, William Grant Lilt (1967) Pietro Deiro Publications
Surinach, Carlos Prelude to the Sea (1965) Alfred Music Co., Inc.
Surinach, Carlos Pavana and Rondo (1959) Alfred Music Co., Inc/reprint Ernest Deffner Music
Tcherepnin, Alexander Invention (1968) O. Pagani & Bro.
Tcherepnin, Alexander Partita (1962) O. Pagani & Bro.
Tcherepnin, Alexander Tzigane (1968) Pietro Deiro Publications
Thompson, Timothy Growth Cells (1976) Ernest Deffner Music
Thompson, Timothy Keyworld (1977) Ernest Deffner Music
Thompson, Timothy Rossiniland (1977) Ernest Deffner Music
Thomson, Virgil Lamentations (1960) Pietro Deiro Publications

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