Board of Directors

AAA Executive Board

Mary J. Tokarski President
Dr. Joseph Ciccone First Vice President
Linda Soley Reed Second Vice President
Dr. Robert Young McMahan Secretary
Ray Oreggia Treasurer

AAA Governing Board

Rita Davidson Barnea Donald Gerundo Rachel Quirbach
Manny Bobenrieth Joan Grauman Linda Soley Reed
Frank Busso, Jr. Mitch Guido Dr. William Schimmel
Alex Chudolij Dominic Karcic Mario Tacca
Dr. Joseph Ciccone Emilio Magnotta Al Terzo
Beverly Roberts Curnow Dr. Robert Young McMahan Mary J. Tokarski
Joanna Darrow Edward Monteiro Frank Toscano
Sam Falcetti Marilyn O'Neil Jeanne Velonis
Kevin Friedrich Ray Oreggia Dallas Vietty

AAA Appointments

Don Gerundo Financial Advisor
Joan Grauman Historian
Dr. William Schimmel & Mary Tokarski Resident Artists
Julie A. Cardona Administrative Assistant

AAA Festival

Mary J. Tokarski Competition
Linda Soley Reed Artists Liaison
Frank Busso Hotel Liaison
Joan Grauman Workshops
Frank Busso, Jr. Exhibits
Linda Soley Reed Journal


Composer’s Commissioning - Chair: Dr Robert Young McMahan, Jeanne Velonis, Beverly Curnow, Dr William Schimmel

Tenri Master Classes – Dr William Schimmel

Valtaro Event – Chair: Mario Tacca, Dominic Karcic, Ray Oreggia, Frank Toscano, Emilio Magnotta, Dr Joseph Ciccone

Carrozza Event – Chair: Dr Joseph Ciccone, Linda Soley Reed, Beverly Curnow, Mario Tacca, Emilio Magnotta, Dr Robert Young McMahan

Bylaws – Chair: Frank Busso, Jr., Mary J. Tokarski

Newsletter – Chair: Kevin Friedrich, Linda Soley Reed

Promotion – Everyone is a Member!

Media – Chair: Joan Grauman, Al Terzo, Joanna Darrow

Youth Promotion – Chair: Don Gerundo, Marilyn O’Neil

Bob Vitale Youth Involvement Program – Chair: Marilyn O’Neil, Don Gerundo, Rachel Quirbach, Mitch Guido

Upcoming Events

AAA 80th Anniversary Festival

July 11-15, 2018
Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites
625 First Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Special Festival Offers

2018 AAA Master Class and Concert Series

William Schimmel, Moderator and Curator, July 27, 28, 29 at the Tenri Cultural Institute, NY.
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Carrozza Scholarship Dinner

Next event to be announced soon.

Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition

The Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition applications are now online on the Bennett Competition Events Page.

AAA Open Meetings

July 15, 2018

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AAA Newsletters

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