Coupe Mondiale Qualification


Each year, the AAA holds a Qualification round where young accordionists have the opportunity to represent their country at the Coupe Mondiale.

For complete information on Coupe Mondiale categories and requirements, please visit

If you wish to participate in the qualifying round at the 2019 AAA Festival, please contact AAA President, Mary J. Tokarski with questions and the category you wish to enter. Email:

The entry fee is $30 for AAA members. Non-members are required to pay an additional $65 which will entitle them to one year membership to the AAA.

2018 Coupe Mondiale Qualification

The qualifying round for this year’s Coupe Mondiale (Kaunas, Lithuania September 24-30) was held at the 2018 AAA Festival in Alexandria, VA on July 11, 2018.

Videos below: Nathan Chapeton Auditioning for Junior Coupe Mondiale category, 2018. Jury: Grayson Masefield and AAA 2nd Vice President Linda Soley Reed. 17 year old Nathan Chapeton from Middletown, Connecticut was also the winner in two prestigious categories at the 2018 AAA Festival held July 11-15, 2018 in Alexandria, Virginia as well as successfully auditioning to represent the AAA at the 2018 Coupe Mondiale.

1. Sonata in Fm K386, Scarlatti.

2. 4th mvt, Zolatariev Sonata.

3. Tango pour Janet composed by Nathan Chapeton.

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