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2019 Accordion Seminars "That Means What!?"



July 26 27 and 28, 2019


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a report by Dr. William Schimmel

The Seminars this year were an exciting event.

Again - new ideas - new concepts - new points of view

Some of the highlights were: a fascinating new work by Dr. Robert Young Mc Mahan for accordion, clarinet and piano with the unassuming title of Three Tweets. A St. Anthony's Canon celebrated the life of the late Stanley Darrow performed with care an affection by the accordion quartet, Bachtopus (Mayumi Mayaoka, Denise Koncelik, Jeanne Velonis and Peter Flint). Will Holshouser gave an enlightened presentation of The Accordion and Counterpoint exploring the linear dimension of the accordion.

The Main Squeeze orchestra was a hit combining: Greensleeves with Dr. Denise Koncelik's arrangement of Por Una Cabeza with excerpts from
Dr. Schimmel's Symphony #7.

Doug Makofka gave us a new Fugue dimension.
Denise Koncelik's songs based on Margaret Atwood poems were sublime along with Military
Bitter Suite, a collaboration with Dr. S, a testament to our troubled times along with her new work performed by her and Jeanne Velonis.

Jeanne performed Dr. Schimmel's Water Still, a tribute to John Cages's Water Walk.

Erica Marie Mancini, who is now on this year's cover of Accordion Babes gave a presentation of the Accordion and Fashion, restoring the glamour of the accordion. Paul Stein moderated a discussion on the New York Accordionist and what it takes to work in New York and find that niche. He performed on the Claviola, a rare wind instrument no longer made and Ben Ickies took us through The Polish funeral which still ended with Beer Barrel Polka.

There was a discourse on teaching called Dual Teaching and the Orange Soda Syndrome and Dalcroze specialist Mimi Hsu put all of us though the paces of accordion and movement.

We had the honor of presenting three musical legends: the Downtown icon - composer and improviser Elliott Sharp who gave us a blues teaching from roots to today and New York City Diva Lauren Flanigan and I decided to take a break from our extensive and exclusive work on Kurt Weill and present Rodgers and Hart through the eyes of the accordion with some classics and a virtual work by yours truly. The great klezmer violinist Alicia Svigals joined Dr. Schimmel in a concert version of Hava Nagila and an improvised Klezmer Classic.

John Foti presented his poetic renderings with his original music.

Bob Goldberg had everyone placed around the Tenri Space in an environmental work.

David First performed on the Vietnamese guitar. David Stoler gave us a wonderful new work for accordion and digital enhancement (see and hear enclosed video). Melissa Elledge once again wowed us with her hip hop renderings including a Moondog cover. Dave Soldier's Lewitt Etudes were robustly played by Dan Cooper on 7 string bass, Denise Koncelik on piano, Dr. Schimmel on melodica and Robert Young Mc Mahan on accordion. Dr. Mc Mahan played Prelude and Sarabande by George Kleinsinger, an AAA commssioned work and a work by Daniel Galow.

Indi rock star Corn Mo joined Dr. Schimmel in Brel's Nene quite pas and his work, Dude.

Mary Spencer Knapp, now a Broadway star, played piano in Toot Suite along with Dr Schimmel and then switched to accordion. Her evolution has been staggering.

Godfrey Nelson and Lorraine Nelson Wolf gave us an Accordion Suite to an Urban beat.

Brian Dewan closed the event with Tom Leher's The Old Dope Peddler and This is my Box by Gian Carlo Menotti from Amahl and the Night Visitors. Dr. Schimmel and harpist Kathryn Andrews premiered a new work by Dr. Schimmel titled Buried Treasure inspired by a segment of the musical Carousel where they both are performing in. Dr. Hugo Goldenzweig pianist joined Dr. Schimmel in a performance of Scenes from Childhood/Scenes from Adulthood combining Schumann with Schimmel. The Yorkvillians: Dan Cooper, Michio Suzuki, Max Maples, Dr Schimmel performed Atonal Funk written be each of its members. Ken Laufer was terrific on piano in a duo with Dr. S and Lee Mc Clure gave us a work for toy piano, accordion and flute.

Some of the comments of the participants

Micheline Malosh: You, the gangster of Love

Bob Goldberg: Always an honor to be part of it

Paul Stein: Great job, as always, Bill

Will Holshouser: Thank you Bill, for your inspiration and education

Erica Marie Mancini: Celebrating the Accordion today at Dr. Bill Schimmel's Accordion Seminars at the Tenri Cultural Institute. Come and enjoy a truly magical night of accordionists and new music.

Yesterday I gave a presentation about the accordion as a costume, and I mentioned how one time I actually transformed myself into an accordion through a costume. I think presentation through costuming is important for musicians because its an added layer of expression and can be an outlet for creativity. Tonight I'll be performing a new piece, a duo with Bill under the working title of "Andadog/Confirmed Parker/Dali/Bunuel/"

Next year the Seminars will celebrate its 25th Anniversary year. The title will be THAT MEANS WHAT?!
2019 Dates are July 26 27 and 28 at Tenri.

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